Our Process

Our root intent is to deliver reliable services in Information Technology

At Ubercore, we have highly skilled programmers who with keen thinking and development take your dream to its reality. Clients satisfaction and quality is all we care about. We fulfill your requirements and ensure that you are completely satisfied with our services. We turn your business concepts into well designed web solutions.

We haven't adopted off-the-shelf business model and work methodologies, they have grown with us. We have observed them carefully over time, tapered and tuned for better economy. We believe perfection is the key to success. We knew all along that often perfection becomes a hindrance because nothing is perfect in itself. Perfection should be achieved through iteration and knowledge.

  • Ideas

    First, we listen. Turning the idea into a well documented requirement.

  • Brainstorming

    Brainstorming sessions ensure focus. A goal is set.

  • Design

    We work with papers, pencils, white boards and markers.

  • Development

    It's time to implement the idea with the code.


Happy Clients


Projects Done


Great Ideas

Hairs lost

Our Team

Valar Dohaeris!

Vikas Swami

Director and CEO

He is an optimist, motivator and a friendly person. Talks less with strangers but never limits his words among friends. He is a believer of greatness in everyone. He loves his Enfield.


Chief Operations Officer

He is the work engine of the company. He's tireless and a real hard worker. He got a gift of great design sense and color combinations. He is scared of giant wheels.

Ruben M.

Chief Marketing Executive

The man with an attitude. He is a great spokesman with awesome communication skills. He is what he is meant to be, a marketing guy.

Subash Hatti

Chief Technology Officer

Subash is a kind of hacker. Finds solutions to any problem, a real techie who can spend hours in doing what seems impossible and get it done.

Sachin Cholkar

Chief Customer Relations

There is one word to describe "Gentleman". He is a guy with a very formal attitude. He insists things to be neat and tidy. He is the face of our company for customers.