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Ubercore offers custom full-stack dev services at fair prices

Our Services

We deliver end-to-end product engineering services that will help you stay ahead of your competition.

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Full Stack Development

Offering complete solution with suitable technologies.

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Product Engineering

We engineers technical solutions and products as per your business vision.

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Website Development

Delivering customised website development services.

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Responsive UI Development

We expertise in various cutting-edge technologies.

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Cyber Security

Discover the security solutions delivered by an expert team.

Our Process and overall cycle

We deliver end-to-end product engineering services that will help you stay ahead of your competition.

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Product Strategy

Development and conceptualization of the product based on business requirements and obtaining user validation.

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An Exhaustive design approach to ensure a seamless flow of the UI/UX.

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Application engineering

Enhanced product development with continuous feedback and inputs from the customer to ensure the lowest of gaps and the product tends to all the business requirements.

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Testing and Release

Guaranteed superior quality of the product with adherence to software testing frameworks.

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Support and maintenance

Support and maintenance as per the leading SLA’s followed across the industry. Assured experience of maximum up-time and uninterrupted user experience.

Our Technologies

We deliver end-to-end product engineering services that will help you stay ahead of your competition.

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Why Ubercore?

We deliver innovative solutions on a global scale with speed and agility like no other!

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Responsive UI Development

The apps which will be developed by Ubercore will be supported in all major devices like Mobile, Tabs, Desktops, Large screens etc

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Quality of Code

Our codes pass through multiple scrutinizing gazes of a quality team. Nothing but the highest of the standards is accepted.

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Customer and employee partnership

We foster a collaborative culture by nurturing the two most important associations an organization can have by offering the best to each.

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Problem Solving/ Issue resolving skills

Most of our developers know how to fix any kind of problems related to technologies we work with. Be it a big UI bug or small bug, backend or front end, we will solve it.

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Code Security

We have a great team on Cybersecurity, whatever we code, it will pass through multiple security checks which makes sure that the code is secured and there are no loopholes for hackers.

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Centre of Excellence

We have excelled in providing Full-stack development, UI/UX engineering, Cybersecurity, and IT Consulting for diversified clients with a strong team.

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Delivery On Time

We deliver on time, that's our promise.Due to our vast experience managing complex software development projects, we competently foresee possible delays and tackle any unexpected issues that may arise.

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Masters on JS Development

Whether the project is React/Angular/Vue/Jquery, we can deliver it to you without hassle, because we trained ourselves to become master in Javascript, we are not one platform dependent.

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Cost Efficient

Ubercore believes in the principle of rendering solutions that are of highest quality and yet cost-effective.

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